I would consider myself a creative person, but I find that the need to be ‘perfect’ has stopped me from creating over the years. This is why I am choosing to take a step into a new, vulnerable area; being imperfect.

I always used to call myself a writer, even when I wasn’t writing. As I grew older I felt that the fact I hadn’t studied English at degree level or committed to a writing course took away from any talent or enjoyment I had for writing.

In short, I became obsessed with ‘doing’ it right, spending years reading and talking and observing everything I could about creative writing. Doing anything but creating.

A lot has changed in my current situation, most of it out of my control. But I have realised that my need to be ‘perfect’ at everything has, in fact, taken the joy from a lot of things. This is something that I can control.

So, I am committing to creating whatever I can, whenever I can. I am posting this as an act of accountability.

For whoever is reading this, even if it is only my future self, I ask for honesty and kindness. My writing is going to be flawed, my sentences won’t be perfect and my narrative might be clunky, but I would appreciate all genuine and honest feedback. Be kind, however.

I hope that, over the next few weeks of me creating stories, characters and ideas; it brings some amusement to whoever reads this and even ignites your own curiosity.

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