Amazing; a snippet

This is a snippet from a story I am creating, it’s interwoven with the narrative of another character. The first part I am happy with, but the latter I feel is forced so it’s a WIP.

“What the hell have you got in here? Bricks?!” Her voice was calm with a little dash of joviality. The type of voice you play repeatedly to help you get to sleep. She smiled, and it didn’t seem odd that a person was talking to me. It’s not that people talking is rare but it’s more that I care about their words. As I am, I don’t find many friendships important, not with humans, but sometimes they connect with me.

“Something like that!” She was bouncing the bag gently in her hand, staring at it inquisitively. She had no clue of what was inside but the way her eyes puzzled over it made me chuckle. She’d never guess! She handed it back to me, as I felt the lump of Eishfu weigh against the soft lining of the bag. I wanted to ask her name, ask why she had no soul, ask all the questions I could think of that I’d usually consider dull. But, I know humans, I know small talk isn’t really the way forward. In fact, I know that some humans interact only on a selfish cause. That said, something about her struck me.

“I’m Alice.” She smiled before turning around. “I might see you around.”

Something peculiar struck me. It wasn’t her name, that was very normal. Nor was it the way she said it because that sounded normal too. Something about why she had said it caused me to think, it wasn’t something I have seen before in humans. I know what you are thinking, ‘we are not all the same‘. But, you are, in some way. Giving names to strangers without wanting anything in return is a very unselfish thing to do. A very odd thing to do. In fact, it’s quite remarkable indeed.


The reaction, or rather, my reaction really did surprise me. You see, I speak to humans all the time. I must in this body, and that doesn’t affect me at all. What shocked me was the way my mind kept wandering back to that soft-eyed soulless girl. Now, I could easily argue that the lack of soul caught me off guard. You see, everyone has one; not that you need one. But that’s for another time. It was more than that and I won’t start this friendship by lying to you. There was something else about her that caught my eye.

Humans, or at least from what I’ve learnt, have an uncomplicated way of viewing things. There is the right, the wrong, and anything else that conflicts with their instinctive needs. Now, I’m not one to categorise things like that. Where I am from we have the Lich, Uh Fula, Ma yel malc and Fuilaat. I can’t quite translate them into concepts you would understand but I’ll try to relate them to something you’d know. Don’t worry, it will make sense!

The Lich, Uh Fula and Fuilaat are cups of liquid, they can move, change state depending on its environment, fluctuate and alter but the results are predictable. For example, if you put water into a freezer then it will freeze. Fact. The Ma yel malc is a cup filled with cement. It’s hard, it won’t change. It’s the strongest cement you’ve seen, and you own nothing that can shatter it. Simply put, it’s unbreakable. Freeze it, heat it, even swallow it! It will stay the same; Ma yel malc.



All feedback welcome.

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