Story challenge: Keeper

This is a snippet of writing that I didn’t know quite what to do with. I do this often, write with no clear aim. So, my challenge to the writers out there; where would you take the story? How would you finish the chapter?

Share your ideas!

Laying on the bed I could heard the clock ticking away endlessly. It had been 10 minutes since I stopped counting the lights on the ceiling; there were eight and I knew that from the moment I turned over but I counted them anyway. 10 minutes ago the thought of eating breakfast had entered my mind, but my body was incapable of moving. The crust around my eyes told me that the 6 hours of sleep were heavy and necessary, yet it didn’t feel like it. My back ached and my head pounded repeatedly, that’s why my arms were folded heavily over my chest; moving was not an option just yet. It had been almost 48 hours since Howard had been here, and it was almost time to inform somebody of his disappearance. Except I hadn’t.

I hadn’t contacted anybody for nearly two whole days. Perhaps it made this whole circumstance look even more suspicious as it was, a woman’s husband disappears and she spends two days curled up in bed watching TV? Hardly reason to believe it wasn’t her. But we both know it’s not quite like that, is it?

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