Let’s talk selfies!

It’s something that we have been doing for years now. Taking pictures of ourselves! With the invention of Snapchat we are adding more weird and wonderful filters onto our faces (more on my thoughts on that later).

Despite this being something we have done for years, I am still seeing such negative talk around selfie talking. People posting things such as ‘taking another selfie‘ or ‘being a poser‘ or ‘I just couldn’t help but take a selfie, I felt so cute today‘.  To me, this is such a shame! There’s been talk and arguments about how the selfie creates a more self-absorbed person. About how we are becoming narcissists, but I think that taking a selfie is reaching a level of acceptance that we never had before.

I love a good selfie! Not because I think I look hella cute, but because I think it’s important to embrace who we are. Taking pictures of yourself, in and of itself, is nothing.
Posting, sharing, praising and embracing the way you look – now that is something. Posting and sharing the naturalness that makes you-you – now that is something!
Opening the borders on what is considered ‘normal’ or acceptable in society by doing you – now that is something.

As a young black woman, growing up, I can name a handful of people I saw that looked like me in the media. I could name even fewer people I saw who rocked natural hair. Of course, the internet played a massive part of this, but moving into my twenties I began to see more people who looked like me. More people with my shape face, my nose, my body shape, my hair. The more I saw the more I surrounded myself with until every part of my social media is filled with voices, pictures and thoughts that represent a myriad of people.

To some, taking a selfie might be harder than you’ll ever imagine. For others, taking pictures is a way of connecting and reaching out to people like them. The more we fill the screens with unfiltered, unedited, unashamed pictures of us embracing the beauty we have, the stronger and more powerful we are making each other.
Of course, everyone likes a snapchat filter or two, but imagine the impact of a young girl seeing another who looks just like you rocking a selfie with a smile and a glint in her eyes.

That said, selfies are fun. They are a way of expressing our individuality! Why dampen that with ideas that it’s self-absorbed or narcissistic. Do you, and do it unapologetically. So, take a damn picture when you feel amazing! YES! Take a quick snap when you’ve finished that workout you put off for weeks! YES! Pout and pose when you feel beautiful! YES! 

Here is a collection of unashamed selfies, share yours, embrace you. 


3 thoughts on “Importance of the selfie

  1. Yeay!!!

    I love this! firstly because you wrote it despite being unsure, I am so glad you did! It is awesome!
    I also like it because I agree totally about the selfie! People who take selfies can be vain and self absorbed, but people who don’t take selfies can also be vain and self absorbed! People are how they are.
    I think taking selfies is brilliant, as a self confidence boost, as a record of being at a place, as a fun thing to do with friends. I had never looked at it from the point of view of getting more relatable faces into the media and social media but it is a fantastic point. I guess growing up, my type of face was pretty well represented… (my type of hair wasn’t but that is a pretty small issue tbh!)
    anyway…I think this is brilliant do you mind if I reblog it?


    1. Hey Sam! Thank you so much for reading it and for your comment.
      Of course you can reblog it.

      I agree, it’s a great way to document what you are doing and the life you are enjoying. Your face may have been represented but your hair wasn’t and that’s not a small issue at all- we need to see more REAL people out there. People who are relatable. Personally, I love seeing your fitness selfies, they motivate me to trust my body more.

      🙂 Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hair is weird it shouldn’t be important but it is! I didn’t really know other people had curly hair for ages!
        I think you are right real people doing real things is extremely important to see!!
        I am glad you like my selfies… I sometimes wonder if I lost too many but then I remember I don’t care 😀😀

        Liked by 1 person

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