Recently, I read (what I hope is) an Aprils Fools post about an anti-ageing sandwich. No seriously, a sandwich that is filled with vitamins and other nonsense that guarantees to rejuvenate the face of its consumer. As you can see, this sounds mad to me, but although it may be real it brings up a topic that I’ve thought about often – ageing.

FYI – read the article here at The Pool website. 

Ageing is something that society has really shunned, and mostly towards women. We all know that in many communities elders are treated with respect. Wrinkles are a sign of wisdom and knowledge, but not for us.

Older women, in particular, are considered ‘less than’. Useless in comparison to their younger counterparts (which, when you think of some of the sexist ideas that are floating around- that’s scary). An older woman is rarely considered sexy, or gorgeous. Grey hair and wrinkles are still not accepted among general society – and why not?

Getting older is something that we will all experience. Ageing is a normal part of life. I find it weirder that we expect to see a person who has lived for 78 years without wrinkles or sagging skin.
There is no denying we are all subject to ageing, so why the hell can’t we see it as a good thing?

The reason I am focusing on women here more than men is that men have a slight advantage. (Shock horror!) Older men, elderly men, are considered to still be important to society. They can still have children and that is deemed okay. They are able to have relationships with people many years their junior.

Simply put, a grey-haired man is a silver fox. A grey-haired woman is an old granny. 

Now maybe this has something to do with fertility. But, from the way I see it, age is part of life and we need to accept that you can be beautiful as you get older.
I mean, there are tons of celebrities who are ageing beautifully (hello, Jane Fonda). Yes, some of them may use anti-ageing products, but they are still gorgeous women!

My mother has recently been subject to this, she’s getting older (although she’s really not that old) and the words she starts to use are suddenly becoming so negative. ‘I’m too old for this‘ or ‘You don’t want a granny like me tagging along‘ (she’s not a gran yet….not even close) or the worst of them all ‘I’m too old to wear something that nice‘.

Let’s break that down for a second. Women, of a certain age, are segregating themselves because of their age. In some respects, health etc, that is fair. But not in looks!

An older woman can wear whatever she wants, just like her younger counterparts.
An older woman can get older with dignity and respect, just like her younger counterparts.
An older woman can look beautiful, in makeup and a dress or pj’s and a hoodie – just like her younger counterparts.
An older woman has the right to experience and enjoy life, just like her younger counterparts. 

This post is really just a response to the anti-ageing sandwich (….seriously though!) that sparked a lot of thoughts. I know that there are many issues in society, but perhaps we can all start welcoming those who are ageing. Accepting that there are parts we can’t control (fragility, memory loss etc) and parts we can (the way we speak about our bodies, the way we define beautiful).


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