Make up, wake up

It’s not often that I use the term ‘old’ because I believe that age is nothing but a number.
But a few weekends ago I went shopping with my cousin and the result was me feeling…old!

We both had a lovely weekend, and spent a little time hunting down some make-up ‘must have’s‘. This was exactly what I needed, for lots of reasons:
a) I needed a new concealer – mine was heavy and emptying fast.
b) She’s a twenty-year-old woman with the eyebrows of a Victoria Secret model and the look of someone who has a make-up artist locked in her bathroom.
c) I like to shop!

While shopping, my gorgeous cousin (who we shall name Emma) decided that she would impart some of her makeup wisdom to me. Which, I was more than happy to accept. She’s a busy woman with lots going on in her life, but she always looks like she’s stepped out of a mag. Yes Please! 
Emma taught me a few things that the….kids (*cough*) are doing nowadays. I say this with total side-eye, because, until that day, I thought I was rather cool.
I’m not. Just in case you wondered.

What are these new things that the younguns of today are doing, you ask? Let me explain.

  1. Your primer (that thing you put on to make sure your makeup stays on from dawn to dusk) can now illuminate. You heard, illuminate.
    That dew glowing they all have, that’s not youth. (I mean, it’s youth) But it’s also a glowing primer. It legitimately shimmers like she’s got 30 fairy lights under her skin.
    Glowing primer…on a woman nearing her 30’s, however, makes her look near criminal. On Emma, it was gorgeous. On me, I looked liked I had a sweat on and not in a good way.
  2. Highlighter is not only one (or two, or three) shades lighter than you are. It should, in fact, basically make your face reflective. The youth of today (not simply happy with dewy faces) also want to radiate some unnecessary glowing parts of their faces, especially under their eyes.
    I bought a highlighter at least 4 shades lighter than my chocolate complexion that, with Emma, looked gorgeous and made my eyes pop. On later inspection, it looked like I’d fallen into talcum powder.
  3. Glitter isn’t for kids. No, no, no! I remember growing up in the 90/00’s when glitter in your makeup was naive and cute but as soon as you got past 13, you ditched the glitter eyeshadow that you got free in Bliss!
    Well, glitter is back baby. Everywhere. It adds to that luminous glowy thing I guess. I bought myself a glittery highlighter (yeah, more highlighting) to make my cheeks pop! with the magical sparkle of a young fairy.
    On Emma, this looks meerly like her cheeks twinkle in the daylight in a naturally radiant way.
    On me, someone both older and darker….it simply looked like I poured a gold glitter gel pen on my cheek.

Now, humour aside, I know I’m not old nor are any of these trends bad/unnecessary. What I loved about this experience was how things fall in and out of fashion and I was so sure that I was still ‘in’ fashion. Yet, I saw that something that looked so good on Emma, made me look even worse.

I’m all for highlighters (kinda) and I’m still a makeup addict, but I think I’m going to enter into my 30’s with makeup that makes me feel amazing and stay away from trying to replicate the glowing luminous radiating glittery shimmer faces of the 21-year-old girls.


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