Thoughts of a newbie streamer

Over the past month I have taken on a whole new project that fully incorporates my love of tech/games and doesn’t reflect my current skills; I’ve started streaming.

Streaming is basically live broadcasting the games you play while others watch and chat. That’s it. It might not sound hard but I’ve learnt a lot in the first month.

The first couple of times I streamed I was so focused on numbers and viewers. Much like blogging, it’s hard to not want an instant result from the work you put out. I mean…I made it to top 10 in PUBG, so why wasn’t my Twitch chat blowing up?!

I’ve learnt a lot through the first month of streaming, and I’m sure there is so much more to learn. My short and fast tips are:

  1. Have fun! Dammit, just do you. Play and chat. Play what you enjoy playing for as long as you enjoy playing it. You will see new streamers whacking out 8-hour streams, but if that’s impossible to manage with your other commitments; don’t do it. Do you!
  2. Forget the flash! When we started, M and I spent so much time trying to create our Stream Elements; the fancy graphics on our live stream. We wanted sounds for contributions and pop up messages for new followers, we spent hours working on it all. Although it’s great, it’s also not necessary. For the first few times, just stream. Just play and have fun. Like anything, the bells and whistles will come later.
  3. Talk! This is a surprising one, but I try and go onto smaller streams daily and many of them aren’t saying a thing. Talk to us, if someone pops on (even for a little bit) make sure you’ve got some conversation going. Yes, it might mean talking to yourself throughout your entire gameplay but….who doesn’t talk to themselves?! …Right?
  4. Chat with others. Go and visit smaller streams and bigger streams. Pop into the chatroom, use Twitter and follow hashtags. This isn’t to say ‘network, network, network’ because this may be your hobby or downtime. However, the internet is so large you can easily fall into your own little corner- branch out.
  5. Get used to the tech*. There is more to streaming then setting up a camera and mic (which I have no massive preference over but M will say otherwise). You need to decide where you are going to stream from and which platforms you want to share on. We use Twitch, but you can stream directly to YouTube etc.
    We’ve just started using Mixer which is Microsoft’s addition to the streaming market as well as ReStream which allows us to stream across multiple platforms at once.

Once you’ve got all these down and you are comfortable streaming; go for it! Do it loads, and pop into others streams. I enjoy watching a range of games because I play a bunch of different games, so don’t feel like you always have to play the same games; switch it up.

Most of all, have fun! Have you started streaming or would you consider it? What tips do you have?

*I only stream via PC, things are different depending on the console you use. 

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