Is Radical Heights too high?

Radical Heights (or RH from now on, because I’m lazy) is the latest addition to the battle royale gaming trend. The 80’s themed throwback shooter was dropped on early release last week and has made some great leaps.

There are elements of the game which I love, the colour, the music, the prize boxes and the weapons. RH has added a level of joviality and fun that previous battle royale games have lacked.
The added bonus of RH is the financial element they’ve added to the game, not only are you now looking for weapons but you can also save cash in an offshore account for a later use (for buying better in-game weapons).

It’s an odd but exciting element to the game, but does it shift the focus a little too much? Usually, within a battle royale game, you are all honed in on the same goal, win. A win by hiding, a win by killing, a win by pure luck. Either way, you are in it to be the last-man-standing. However, in RH that isn’t always your goal!

It is possible that people are more inclined to play the game with an aim to put as much cash away for a rainy day. With cash machines at every corner and some amazing prizes up for grabs, it’s not too difficult to drop into a remote area, kill a few, save a tidy sum and drop out.

With elements such as pure cash, tills that can be robbed and ‘high-tech’ gadgets which earn money, it’s fairly simple for the dynamic of the game to change. This can create a much slower game for those whose main aim is to be victorious. Especially if most of your competition is just there for the high savings rates!

RH has done some work to battle this. The system for cashing in your savings is fairly slow and noisy; making you an easy target for those nearby. Additionally, the battle royale element of the game is still active, so staying in the safe zone while focusing on saving might be tricky.

It’ll be interesting to see when the game is fully released how and if this aspect has been addressed. With cheating being on the rise within battle royale games, will this only add a new aspect of forgery? Will the aim of the game no longer be to stand alone?
Let’s hope not.

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