What I didn’t LOVE about LOVE

Netflix’s dry-comedy ‘LOVE’ came to an almost satisfying season final after season 3 was aired earlier this year.

The show follows Gus and Mickey, two slightly hopeless people who met and ultimately fall in love….or do they? (No spoilers here).

If you have been watching LOVE then you too have been following the ups and downs of these two slightly awkward, almost adorably incapable two as they navigate the pathway of a new relationship.

Seasons 3, although a strong season in itself, feels like an ending that we all wanted but possibly shouldn’t have got. The novelty of the show was the dry style in which the new blossoming romance was looked at. It wasn’t all ‘honeymoon‘ stage, but difficulties came up and were dealt with in a realistic fashion. Gus and Mickey fought (..did they ever not?), they were discovering for as long as we were and somewhere along the line we all felt they’d be better off apart. The show tackled some real issues, from female independence through to addiction through to anger issues. All in a way that made the viewer want to laugh and reflect at the same time; a talent within itself.

That is why, although the ending was good, it just felt a bit too good. Throughout the whole show, I was in awe of the writing talent of Paul Rust (who plays Gus by the way) and co. Which made me want so much more from the ending.

What more did I want? I’m not sure! The synchronicity of Gus and Mickey’s choice was brilliant, but I’d have liked to have seen more time with the build up. More development when Mickey goes to visit Gus’ family. And a little more time spent on Gus’ development, he was always the healer and I loved the change of him becoming the damaged one, I wanted more of that before we waved goodbye to them.

On the other hand, what I did love about LOVE was each character stood on their own two feet. I was obsessed with Bertie, Randy and Chris’ storylines, despite not necessarily loving those characters when they first arrived.

It’s hard to explain without giving too much away, but if you haven’t seen it; watch the show! It explores the realism and humour of those first few months that aren’t all plain sailing – your mother didn’t warn you about this. Needless to say, if you have seen it, do you agree with the way that it ended? Was LOVE just too much of a fairytale for us all?

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