Is it Unbreakable?

Yeah, excuse the weird tangent of a title, but I’ve had a creative block for weeks now.

The new Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt arrived on our screens earlier this week, and the new season promised to be everything we wanted and more. The trailer showed more wit, more sass, and more Titus. We need more Titus.

Sadly, the first 6 episodes really haven’t wowed me! I love Kimmy, and I lived for the first two seasons. But something has changed in season 3 and I just don’t know what that is.

Although the comedy is there, there isn’t enough Titus (did I mention how much I love Titus), the stories aren’t holding their own and the random Reverend interludes are just a little annoying.  There are some funny moments, and true to Kimmy there are a few issues that have been tackled or addressed.
But something isn’t there. There’s not Titus-Beyonce mashups or awkward Kimmy moments. Instead, we are left with deep Segways about sexism that doesn’t quite fit. (And I’m a feminist but the whole Beauty and The Beast thing seemed cliche.

This is not to say that Kimmy isn’t fan-ta-stick! It is. And Fey is amazing. But I’m missing something here. The jokes are going over my head, it feels forced and I miss the old Kimmy.

I look forward to seeing what the second half of Season 3 will produce when it airs later this year.

I am still at a loss about what it is that is making Unbreakable Kimmy so Breakable right now (see…the title makes sense, right? No. Shudup) Any ideas of what the new season just hasn’t got?

Oh, and Lillian is still amazing. She should never change. 

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