Lifestyle truths

Lifestyle advice is everywhere nowadays and, although I’d love to share some, I am the last person to offer any. That’s why I thought I’d cut through the idyllic pictured crap of white walls and perfectly placed fashion posts, to give you a few lifestyle ‘truths’ as I see it.

  • The easiest way to feel good about your home, tidy one room and only stay in there.
  • The only way to tell the difference between acrylic or stick on nails is if you tell people if they are acrylic or stick on nails.
  • Have a corner where you discard all your ‘maybe it’s clean enough to wear again’ clothes.
  • Changing your bed sheets it’s a whole-day-job, and it sucks.
  • Always carry around deodorant in your bag.
  • Always keep a spare packet of toilet roll in an unused cupboard…you’ll need it.
  • Everyone wears their bra for a week then puts it away for 3 days then wears it again like it’s clean…even though we know it’s not.
  • Learn how often you need to wash your bra – I don’t yet know but it seems important.
  • If you’re taking a selfie, clear everything away from behind you; if you want to give the illusion you’re super neat. Or own your mess – who cares?!
  • No-one has time for ironing their clothes, really they don’t. Let’s not kid ourselves.
  • Cleaning your house is only fun when it’s sunny, the windows are open and there is pop music playing. Or you’re angry.
  • You may as well have a room dedicated to the stuff you ‘don’t need right now but might need later’.




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