Is Radical Heights too high?

Radical Heights (or RH from now on, because I'm lazy) is the latest addition to the battle royale gaming trend. The 80's themed throwback shooter was dropped on early release last week and has made some great leaps. There are elements of the game which I love, the colour, the music, the prize boxes and … Continue reading Is Radical Heights too high?

Thoughts of a newbie streamer

Over the past month I have taken on a whole new project that fully incorporates my love of tech/games and doesn't reflect my current skills; I've started streaming. Streaming is basically live broadcasting the games you play while others watch and chat. That's it. It might not sound hard but I've learnt a lot in … Continue reading Thoughts of a newbie streamer

Sims 4 expansions

Since jumping back into the Sims World, I noticed a few things simultaneously. Firstly, The Sims grew and then stagnated a bit and secondly, the base game alone (Sims 1, 2, 3 or 4) are rather simplistic. Bare with me here, maybe my gameplay styles have changed, or as I've grown up my needs have … Continue reading Sims 4 expansions